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Shock value, distractions, and misguided energy are a few of the many reasons we remain stagnant in the hunt for our dreams. I've said this a million time and will restate it today, we're not going to be anything bigger than this world if we're still of it. At some point you do have to remove your love for everyone else's life and business to focus on yours, otherwise you'll find yourself lost in the waves of distraction. Be mindful that many of these things are intentionally created to not only dilute your potential, but keep you off your path. Trust and believe you better serve the system, by being caught up in it. Things like purpose, potential, self knowledge, and love tend to sprout when one solely focuses on self. We can not logically believe spending more time in front of a television or social media than we do alone time is a healthy or progressive act. It is not okay to have Lebrons (my favorite player) stats memorized since 2013 but unaware of your true desires, dislikes, internal self, and countless other things. Your existence, life, day to day, and potential legacy is just as important. Assess whats worthy of your time and let that rent your focus. Many of the things we waste time (that we're never getting back) on daily will matter 0% long term. 


I myself have dealt with both this and procrastination for years. Grab a plan to defeat it right here. 

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Christopher Jackson

That’s the realest thing. I’ve heard or read. In a long time I appreciate the truth in the positivity. If you don’t look at yourself, you’ll be busy looking at other things that is so true. Looking in the mirror and reflecting on who is in. The reflection is the best thing ever. You must take care of yourself and love yourself. Cuz no one else will thank you Derrick. I appreciate your messages and your words. They are helpful. Truly helpful

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