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May 20, 2018 • Posted by Matthew Kirkland

Wassup Derrick…. how do I start… well, I stubbled across your profile on the internet and you were presented to me. (Thank God) well I’m just so stuck mentally, being a state champ In high school wrestling, 2x all American in college and having a touch for producing music I still less worthy than what I am. I’m also enrolled in college and I just feel like I’m not getting the best I can get. Then the social world isnt showing acceptance of who I am and how blessed I am. I know that I’m sopose yo have self love but I don’t know how to. It cause depression and aggravation. I wish to be guided but I don’t where to go and nor have the funds. But I don’t have the open minds to listen and learn. If you have any words please contact me I’m currently trying to save a couple bucks so that I can get your book. But if there’s actual way of mentoring that’ll awesome!

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