FREE "Street" Event - Please Read Description


Most laughed at the concept of this event over a year ago, just as the people who love to judge those that we wish to uplift, educate, and give solutions to with this event. Well... tell them to hold the laughs, we're officially working towards evening the score and balancing out the board. Please read the directions below thoroughly, we look forward to building with felons, strippers, and misdemeanor offenders from all over the nation.


  • Tampa, Fl residents will receive priority seating. This evening will only have 300 reservations available. You may attend no matter what city and state you are in.
  • A pen and pad etc is encouraged if you're serious about documenting the information given.
  • Grace Private Security will be educating on Law Enforcement interaction.
  • Multiple judicial system experts will be educating on record expungement and much more.
  • Derrick Grace and company will be providing solutions in terms of business start up, parenting, "In Home Banking", conflict resolution, and much more.
  • Please be mindful government names will be filtered to insure those that this event is for, are rightfully attending.
  • Please use the "Contact Us" button for any further questions.



Tampa, Fl

June 15th 1-6PM eastern.

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The "In Home Banking" Board Game Is On It's Way!

Unlearn and Relearn

Please exit the confusion stage and recognize that this is all one big game! Either attach yourself to a master teacher or educate yourself to the level of one.