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What Means The World To You?

This is where we're headed!


We have reached a place within our journey, that we must purge. We must acknowledge the value in the service and additives that we bring to thousands of lives daily. This will be the line in the sand that will separate those who are willing and ready to travel this journey with us and those who don't see the value in changing the narrative of self and child preservation.


What brought me to this conclusion?


For years I've overlooked and misplaced the value in which I bring to the universe. Mostly because I found myself trying to save everyone, excessively caring, and worrying about the future conditions of those I may have to possibly leave behind to grow and reach my full potential. It took an entire 6 years of mental dehydration, spreading myself thin, and bruises to come to a conclusion. The conclusion was quite simple once I got out of my own way and played a game of honesty.


Our plan of action and new direction.


Our era has a terrible habit of prioritization and often only value things when they're no longer at our disposal. I don't want that outcome, nor I don't want to devalue what it is my family and I offer to the universe. An all new theology, independent narrative, amongst other things. I failed at entrepreneurship multiple times so you didn't have to, I full time Fathered my children so you didn't have to, I stood behind the gun so you didn't have to. We've awoke to internet death threats from strangers and the very same generation we're attempting to empower, so you don't have to. I have provided every piece of value to your lives through nothing more than the trial and error in my own path. Constantly scraping my knees, getting back up, and reporting to you all every aspect of my journey whether good, bad, or indifferent. I've dedicated not only my life, but my children as well to this Unlearn and Relearn cause for many calendars at this point. We intend on keeping that fire alive and growing, but with those who truly see the value of what we provide to the world. Do things like self sufficiency, self love, self education, and self awareness mean the world to you? They do to us! Join the “WMTWTY” campaign now and support us in our efforts to change the narrative of the current generation and many to come.

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Imani Alston

Just want to know more about the wmtwty campaign.


Just curious what Is the wmtwty campAign?

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