What is the refund policy?

All orders are 100% Non Refundable, once they have been marked as shipped via USPS and or delivered via email. 

All items included on this website are deemed "Intellectual Property" and can be copied, pictured, etc one received by a customer. To avoid such pertinent information being mishandled or stolen, we do not practice refunds once the item has been labeled shipped or sent via USPS or email. 

When will I get my In Home Banking Board Game? 

Please allow 7-10 business days for order to be filled.  Once the shipment is sent the games are shipped via USPS.  And a notification of confirmation will be s to email on file.  Please allow shipping time for the carrier.


How can I stay updated on the shipment of the In Home Banking Board Game? 

Please subscribe to our newsletter below, follow Derrick Grace II on IG and Facebook as well as our YouTube Channel. 


When can I expect to get the In Home Banking App? 

We are just as excited about the In Home Banking App as you are. The app is released weekly from the developers.  The app link is sent via email to the email address on file.  If you didn't provide an email, your app link will not be released until an email is provided. 


How do I change my address? 

Use the contact button on the website and update us with the address. We will take care of it as soon as possible. 


How can I invest with Mr. Derrick Grace II? 

We receive many emails from potential investors from all over the world, so we can only answer those who are serious and ready to invest at least $8,000. If the potential investor has $8,000 to invest, they will email us via the contact button and then we will send them more information. The return on investment is 10% and the investment will be at a duration of 6 months. 


I have a quick question to ask Mr. Derrick Grace II.

Thank you for your interest in booking Mr. Derrick Grace II. He would love to speak with you, however, he gets hundreds of emails per day and wouldn’t have time to answer each one of them. However, he does provide One on One’s to those who would like his undivided attention. A One on One can be booked on


How does booking a One on One work? 

A One on One is a 60 minute personal session with Mr. Derrick Grace II. It is the best way to get any questions answered on any subject including:


Guerrilla Marketing

Social Media Marketing

Business Development

Budgeting & Financing

Self Investment

Child Development

Co Parenting



After you book a One on One, we will send you a link to book the session as well as a pre-session survey to give us an idea of what you would like to talk about. 



Common Questions asked at a One on One Session. 


How can I book Mr. Derrick Grace II? 

 Thank you for your interest in booking Mr. Derrick Grace II. Please contact us at Thank you and we look forward to building with you. 


When will my Digital Product be delivered? 

Please allow up to 3-5 days for digital products to be released.  Digital Products are sent via email to the email address provided on your order.


I watched the In Home Banking Documentary, how can I learn more about In Home Banking? 

We’ve pulled together the best in the game in Guerrilla Marketing, Business Start-ups, Building a Wealthy Mindset, Parenting, Relationship Building and more and created a course called In Home Banking. It is an ongoing membership that includes Monthly Zoom Calls, a thriving In Home Banking Community as well as content never released by Mr. Derrick Grace II. If you have any more questions about the program, click the link here.


What will I learn in the In Home Banking Course and Community? 


What is GraceFlix? 

GraceFlix is the Grace Family’s independent channel. It’s a monthly subscription that gives access to the ins and outs of building an independent empire while raising a family. It also includes raw footage of Mr. Derricks business moves, as well exclusive access to his latest endeavors.  SUBSCRIBE HERE!



How do I find out the location of the next event? 

We disclose the location of the event a day before the event due to security purposes. We will however, let you know via email the vicinity of the event once we receive that info.



 Attend life changing workshops hosted by Mr. Derrick Grace II. The workshops focuses on In Home Banking, Guerrilla Marketing, Vision Planning, Preparation, and Spiritual Progression. You will have the opportunity to ask questions about any subject that is on your heart. You will also have the opportunity to purchase books, merchandise, and get autographs, time permitting. 



You will receive the same access as the Early Bird Ticket as well as the opportunity to bring a Free Guest. You will also have a full hour Meet and Greet to personally speak with Mr. Derrick Grace II about anything on your heart. Upon arrival, you will receive a free curriculum. 



You will receive the same access as the Early Bird as well as two additional opportunities to meet with Mr. Derrick Grace. 

You will receive access to Mr. Derrick Grace II thirty minutes before the Event.  In this thirty minutes, you will receive exclusive content that will not be presented in the actual event. 

You will also get an additional hour to speak with him at the end of the event. You will be invited to an intimate dinner with Mr. Derrick Grace II at the location where you will get the opportunity to be transparent and ask questions that you may want to speak about on a deeper level.

Upon arrival, you will receive a Gods Amongst Men Book  and will receive priority seating.  


* Children under 16 will get in for free