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Add Value & Accept Nothing Less

One of the biggest obstacles I've stumbled across in my journey, is the unwillingness specific demographics have to support your hard earned and worked dreams. To simplify it, many of those closest to us will be reluctant to support our services or products that they're aware they truly need, but gladly invest in temporary tangible items. This will be a headache, worry for some, and may even cause you to question your position. PLEASE DON'T! Be mindful we're living in the age of information and people who truly wish to mentally and physically grow will go the extra mile to seek what you are delivering. I myself have fallen victim countless times to this behavior and questioned myself, as if I don't get testimonies daily regarding the change I am bringing about. Stay your course, retain your value, and seek out those who are willing to invest in themselves. Times such at these will surely show you who is serious and who is not. 

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Dear Parents

Self Love?

Stay The Course


Adrienne Parks

Peace and blessings Derrick. I came across your YouTube presentations and was elated to see a young black man with clear ideas, speech, and direction. You are talking truth and working the business. I’m on board. Keep doing you and minding your business. You are inspiring many folks. They are watching whether you know it or not.

Jontaya Nelson

Add value and accept nothing less. This has stuck with me and I’m grateful for this blog.

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