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Sleep In Moderation

Although we as humans need our rest and time to unwind when we're not chasing our goals with that relentless effort, sleep should be utilized in moderation. Although you may be tired, body feeling beat, or even aching, these are the times that your will and dedication are tested. This rule can be applied to anything! Stop and ask yourself are your finances up to par? Are you physically fit as you desire your body to be or is your relationship where you want it? Was the answer no? My point! Bring your sleep to a minimum and your progression to a maximum. Excessive sleep can cause you to miss out on life changing opportunities, sensitive information pertaining to your goals or cause you to get lapped in the race to the finish line. Remember two things, too much of anything can/will kill you (goals and dreams) and there is always somebody working twice as hard as you elsewhere to reach that same goal. Don't let time pass you by while you're sedated in your dreams, it's much more rewarding chasing them.

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