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Emulate The Greats

When chasing a dream, certain status or level of success, never be afraid to study the greats who came before you. Many things that we aspire to be have been done already, what will set you aside is how you go about doing it and how well you do it. Studying those who came before you can assist you in perfecting your craft and the steps you take to make that goal happen. It also serves as somewhat of a checklist to assure yourself that you don't make some of the same mistakes they have made. Always surround yourself and do you best to follow in the footsteps of greatness, don't strive to be the next from your city to make it to the NFL. Strive to be the next first round pick for the NFL draft. Strive to own a label and NBA team, not just a controlled artist or sitting court side at an NBA game.

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Indeed! You are a great example as well! Keep grinding king/god!!!! Success leaves clues??????✌?✌?

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