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One of our biggest issues in the race to first place is, prioritizing! No discrimination here, we all suffer from prioritizing at times. I, too, am guilty. So many of us drag/procrastinate when it's time to work, study, or train to perfect our craft. Often times we don't mind assisting in building someone else's goals over our own. How often you clock in on time and fuss your babies out for making you late to that man's dream you're making reality? Many of us are the exact same humans that will get traffic citations speeding home to catch a game, a Jordan release, or a manicure/pedicure. If as men we gave the same effort we do to entice a woman to our craft, many more of us would be our own definition of success in life. If our women put forth the same effort daily that they do in preparing to step out of their home for the world's viewing pleasure, then they'd excel at a more drastic rate as well. I challenge you to take one hour and come up with a list of your daily routine and habits. On said list put your goals at the top and make everything revolve around them for 168 hours. Do not spend any of your funds unless it's for a necessity or toward your goal. I guarantee you that 7 days will not only make you a believer, but a better go getter and a humble dreamer. You'll be blown away at how much you can achieve when you are focused and diligently working at your goals like your last breath is counting on it.  Don't be afraid to miss out anything that is not making you money, assisting in your goal/dream becoming reality, or making you a better you Whether you are 1 or 100, everything present here today was here before you and will be after you, you'll have time to catch it. The "Window Of Opportunity" however, will attempt to close on you eventually. 

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