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Settling Is Not An Option

When chasing a dream, goal, or progressive scenario period, always strive and it give it your best. Never settle for good or 2nd place. The best and number 1 should be your only option when on a mission. Many of us believe being on time is good enough, utilizing a grace period is okay because it's an accepted policy with some jobs or C's and D's are ok being that they're passing grade. You must do your best to weed out that mentality, force and expect the best from yourself if you intend to be the best at what you do. Set goals and high standards and push yourself on a daily basis to be better than you were before. If you continuously accept mediocrity from yourself, you'll eventually believe the poor or minimal results you get back are what you deserve and are worth. How many of you feel you are underpaid or haven't got the shot you deserve yet? That's a great start and mindset! You are already aware that you deserve more the for the work you are putting forth. Never give or accept anything less than what you genuinely know you are warranting. 

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