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Say No To Middlemen

Like many of us do, whether it be business, partnership, or just a natural favor, we choose what we call a middle man or person to endure some of the load when taking on a challenging task. This can be helpful, but unreliable and devastating at times. Something you must always remember that no matter how close the bond, dream, or relationship may be, nobody will want "your" dream as much as you do. It's your dream, guide it! Simple things like running an errand, having a connect to a sought after item, or even sensitive information can result in sometimes very bad results and even be apart of your unnecessary resources (money). A connect in this day and age, does not do much for free. Do your best to eliminate these kind of people, it saves your money, the risk of uncertainty, and gives you the overall piece of mind that the job will be done and completed to your likening. Don't be too complacent or trusting in someone else when dealing with your dream. A wise man gave me two vital lines when dealing with business or financial ventures: 1. Every business starts in the red, the majority of us are not born with a million to invest. 2. Every business starts as a small business. Mcdonalds, Chase Manhattan, and Nike were all once small businesses. The people behind these concepts took the liability and risk of a middleman at an advantageous time, you will know when you're ready. 

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Johny Evans

Amazing. You bring it every time and never slack. I greatly appreciate your persistence!

Wanda H.

We all have to start out small before we can grow big. It’s like planting a seed and watching it blossom until a beautiful flower. I’m trying to build my brand. I know it is about starting small and then growing. Truly motivating.

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