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Let Your Integrity Guide Your Intentions

No matter the scenario let your integrity guide your intentions and actions. Regardless of what road you may be traveling, there will always be opportunities to take short cuts, cheat, or even taint your opponent and competition in a dishonest way. Say No! Whether it be negative slander, discrediting their product, quality, or even a physical form of hatred; walk away. Let your work ethic, dedication, and will to win expose them. Never question or jeopardize your morals and beliefs for a temporary win over your opponent, it's very simple! Outwork them, the results will speak for themselves. Take a look at your daily scandals, those who use blackmail, etc... They never get the full credit for their accomplishments once their dishonest traits are brought into the light. Protect your legacy and integrity at all cost. Do not allow this world or your journey to bring about the sucker ways, it seems to be dealing you on a consistent basis. You got this, remain calm, cool, and don't stray the plan. 

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Rachael Wilson



I just want to take the time to express my gratitude for your blog. Very well said!?


Hello Mr. Grace, I was on your IG page but I am not a fan of social media but I do go on power motivational pages like yours. I am so fascinated with your inspiration and motivation. Your kids, are so beautiful and such genius. I love it!!I do not have children but if I did, I definitely would use your curriculum!
Absolutely Amazing! Keep motivating us!
One Love,


I would like to take the time out to tell you thank you brother I know I don’t say it often and I might not show it but I appreciate everyone sometimes I don’t know at times so I just let my spirit guide me very proud of everything that you’re accomplishing man and yes bro I’m shedding tears writing this Peace Love and Respect

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