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Prepare To Be Alone

Why is it we're ridiculed when we decide we want the best out of life or more than average? I honestly don't have the answer, but I definitely have my opinions. 

  1. People are afraid of change and what they don't understand. 
  2. People are uncomfortable around winners. They shrink or feel uneasy because you represent what they could be if they decided to take their goals and dreams serious. 
  3. They don't believe anything out of the norm can happen period and believe you are confined to the cards you have been dealt. 

Nevertheless, prepare to be alone. Many will not understand you, doubt you, and avoid you. Prepare to grind alone, cry alone, and celebrate alone. These people won't understand your work ethic, what it means to sacrifice it all, and just the pure notion of thinking outside the box period or just understanding there is more to life than just existing. Don't be afraid to go through these times of distance, loneliness, and uncertainty relationship wise. As stated in one of my favorite book, "The Alchemist", anyone who truly has your best interest will be willing to stand these test of times with you no matter what. 

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Kellee E.

GREAT READ. ….Id like to add to your number 1. People are afraid of change for sure. You can have change or have comfort but you can’t have both. Even if your comfort is dysfunctional or unhealthy, most people would prefer it over change. One of the hardest things a person can do is face THEMSELVES….their problems, inner issues, flaws, bad habits, traumatic experiences, etc….no change can happen without doing so…

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