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Conquer Them With Consistency

One of the major components in success and longevity is plain and simple: CONSISTENCY! As I have previously stated in countless writings, many of your allies and opponents will possess more smarts or money than you. They may even have certain days or periods where they perform at higher levels and exceed the societal definition of success. The best way to surpass being a some timing type of person is to perfect your craft and practice at a more consistent, focused, and serious rate. For those who don't understand or need an example, take this into consideration; Russell Westbrook has a handful of games where he scored 40 points or better, yet Lebron James had a season average of about 26/8/8. Now you tell me who's consistency paid off? Consistency takes ambition, sacrifice, drive, and most of all discipline. Who do it the most or looks the best doing it is temporary gratification. He who does it the longest and the steadiest is what builds a legacy. You can't expect to work four of twenty four hours on your goals and receive instant success overnight. Many of us have peers, bigger companies or individuals in the same lane as us that are basking in the glory of their half hearted work right now, I myself know the feeling all too well. I've asked myself on numerous occasions, "Why haven't I got my shot yet, why haven't I reached that level yet, or better yet how did that person get there and they haven't put in as much work as I have?". I have learned that not every lane of success is paved the same. The faster it come the faster the demise. So I no longer watch others lane, nor do I compare my success to anyone else other than the man I was yesterday. Oftentimes we need a break from social media and false society better known as reality television. It is ok to take a me day and reflect on you and your goals and the person you're becoming. Watching others, post ten percent of their lives on social media, consistently definitely won't bring you residual income or success. Don't sweat it, your hard work and consistency may not be pretty, fancy, flashy or what's trending, but it is not in vain. Keep striving and continue doing it like you're making a million from it, you'll eventually surpass your peers who are not giving it their all on a consistent basis. You can't half ass your way into success. 



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Telsalla Thomas

You’re absolutely right. The only person you should be in competition with is yourself day in and day out.

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