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Plan B?

How many of us were told as a child, teenager, or even an adult to have a plan B when we shared our career and life decisions with others? I've wondered on many occasions why is that. I've came up with different suggestions myself. 

  1. They're scared for you or the outcome.
  2. They've never had the courage to do what you're setting out to do.  
  3. They don't see your vision or fully believe in you. 
  4. They're doing what they were taught and told to do traditionally as well. 

For some reason that has become the traditional line after someone share their next significant step with you. Have a Plan B or back up plan! I'm here to ask you why! Being highly successful is going to take supreme confidence, thick skin, and an insane amount of belief. You have to know you're capable and willing to go to any extreme and measure to obtain what you want, you may have to have personal conversation with yourself, many mirror speeches, but your confidence will soon come as your work ethic increases and you start to see the progression from the work you are putting in. What I'm trying to stress is; there is no need for a Plan B. When we decided our path in life, we decided right then that Plan A was the only scenario and outcome we were accepting. It's that simple! I want what I initially started the race for. 1st place, "I won't accept anything less and what you're not willing to give me is for the taking". I myself personally get offended when someone suggest or offers me a Plan B. How do you react?

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Jamar Hughes

If I told someone my plans, and they told me to have a “Plan B” I would advise them that they weren’t listening to a thing I was saying and remind them that I’m already working on my Plan B. At that point, they never cared about the plan to begin with.


This is the truth. My brother tells me he wants to be an NBA player and tell him have a plan B because injuries can happen easily, but forget that if he knows and wants what he wants I need to be a full on support system. The unfortunate system that we are in show us mistakes are failures and it’s really just a test to see what you really want .


Thanks for the wisdom…I agree and hopefully I can take this message and make real moves in the direction I want.


I agree … I hate to hear that !

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