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One of the most vital pieces of advice I can offer to those attempting to pursue any kind of business environment, is to "Function As A Business". Though it may sound very simple and vague, this phrase holds much merit. Your professionalism can be a key piece to your advancement in the race. Simple things like keeping your personal social networking outlets separate from your business, playing the part, your demeanor, posture, and punctuality play a large role in your race to be first. Be cautious of the pictures you tweet, songs you upload, subject matter you touch on etc. Be on time, make eye contact, and small things like silencing your phone in a meeting. Your customers nor the corporations are interested in who's your favorite team, the rap lyrics you think are catchy, what you ate, and how you and your girlfriends love life is going. This is a small portion of the things that can be altered for you to become more professional, but again as I always state re-evaluate your habits and rid yourself of the ones that are not aiding your progression. 

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Thank you for this. It bothers me to see my younger brothers and sisters display a lack of pride in their appearance (wrinkled, clothes don’t fit, etc) and hear them using colloquialisms in a professional setting. There is a time and place for everything.

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