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Discipline will play a large part of your progression in any lane you to choose to pursue. Whether it be your diet, idle time use, or your daily habits. As I've stated many times, never hesitate to take a step back and re-evaluate your situation and behavior. We are not robots, we are flawed human beings. This means there is always more we can do, harder we can push or more we can endure. Figure out what you can do to get better and excel in your race to the finish line and execute it. Train yourself to practice certain behaviors and obey a strict set of rules that pertain to your goals and the progression of them. Put the games down, television, women/men, the shoes, the expensive restaurants, and even the sleep. Not being disciplined can cause chaos.  Plans may not go through, you over or under perform or even worse ruin an immense opportunity. Know when to say no, when to say later and when to say yes. 3 key steps to discipling yourself.

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Self Love?



Brie Irving

I’m just reading EVERY single post on the blog and I must say, I NEEDED to see this!!! Thank you and keep it coming King! ✊🏿👑


Love this blog it’s so many keys to being successful in these brief posts

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