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GAM: 365 Routes To Supreme Being Has Officially Went #1 On

First and foremost, I appreciate any and everyone who has supported, shared, or took the time to even look into my perspective. This has been a very long journey for myself and I owe it to you all for restoring the fight, will, and need to push within me. I could not have passed such a milestone, without the support and love from you all. There were several nights I downplayed my existence, carried excessive amounts of self hatred, and moved with no purpose. Yet when I began to speak, the comments, reassurance, and words of encouragement made me aware that I have strong purpose. 

I've risked my freedom, carried a black heart, and even contemplated leaving here countless times. You all have no idea how far your love and support pulled me up. My children, family, and peers will forever be grateful for you, whether they know it or not. You all inadvertently saved my life and potential. I will not let your efforts go in vain or waste this opportunity you all have given me. I will spend the rest of my existence, reciprocating the love you've given me.

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