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Both Physical & Digital Copies Are Available

Don't forget whether you are on the go or happily stationery, GAM Vol 1 is available in both physical and digital formats. Be sure to check below and get yours.


Jun 18, 2020 • Posted by Javontate' Young

Do any books come with the digital copy? If so, which ones?

Mar 15, 2020 • Posted by Willie Buchanan

Bro I love you for the work Nd energy u put toward ur family by the way u have a blessed/ beautiful family. My name is Willie I’m from Chicago Illinois I’m on a path to freeing me Nd my family from the system I just will like to kno what’s in the trump packet I’m a American National Nd was wondering if what u teach is suitable for me I move in the private Nd I mean the private along I don’t deal with the public because it’s easy for my assets/Estate to get taken away I was wondering do u offer this private process in the teaching packet if not I’m so sorry to have waste your time but I do want to support you thanks for reading.

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