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Nobody Cares!

Allow me to be the millionth or first person to remind you, that no one cares for your excuses. No one is coming to save you, the people listening aren't genuinely listening, and time is waiting on no one at all. Our era, people, and demographic, is far too reliant on the voice in their head that feeds them excuses chance after chance and shot after shot. Your complaining and excuse for your lack of effort is counterproductive and nothing more than a mental obstacle to you getting the hell out of your own way. We been knew the game was lopsided, bias, and staged! The time is more important than ever to get out of your own way and become proactive about your position in this game. We'll run head first into a wall for sex or die trying to acquire materials, but dig out every excuse we can when asked why we aren't where we want to be in life. Whether you know it or not, but you're probably the only person believing your excuses and lies. Get up and get moving, time and no one is waiting for you.

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Gamble On You, It Won't Kill You

What Are You Going To Do?

Self Love?


Valerie Groober

Thank you!

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Nyne Kontinentz

I’ve been saying this to a ton of people, and it cost me 12 years and 8 months to prove it. Good energy dun-scouts, you are definitely making progress.
From one planeswalker to another, it’s all peace and blessings….

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