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Demand Respect

This should not be used as an excuse to display ignorance or act out, at times you can demand respect without uttering one word. When dealing in business, relationships, or any interaction period, be sure that the respect factor is in place and certain lines/boundaries will not be crossed. Respect will get you a very long way in anything you decided to pursue, especially in the non verbal world of business. How many of you have come across that one person and said to ourselves "They look like they don't play"? What's crazy is 9 times out of 10 that person hadn't spoken yet. Their posture, verbal, demeanor, and energy alerted you immediately that they were in your presence for a particular reason and were not going to let anything sway that reason. Hold your head up, speak confidently, attack your goals, and dreams with a knowledgeable purpose. Always be reminded of your worth, respect your work ethic, preparation, and presence. Others will follow! 

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