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When setting out to achieve something rare, not easily attainable, not common amongst your peers or sacrifice worthy, you must first believe in yourself. You must believe in your ability and willingness to achieve those goals and lastly believe that not matter how hard or far fetched they may seem, that you and that achievement were made for each other. Set reasonable goals and attack them. Never hesitate to look in the mirror and remind your current self of who they need to become on a daily basis. Do not let the doubts or negative feedback from those around you cause you to lose belief in yourself. Your hard work, dedication, and faith will leave those who don't believe without any choice but to respect your decision to achieve greatness. Just imagine what Steve Jobs friends and family said to him, when he told them he's make a computer that would direct and change the world 30 years ago...

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Part 3 Of 3: Heart, Smarts, and Resources, Equal Success!

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This is so true. We can get bogged down and distracted by the things that don’t matter and waste our talents so easily! Gotta stay focused! Love this blog!

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