Unlearn and Relearn "In Home Banking" Family Project Vol 1 & 2



 The scariest part about our current system and way of living, is that we are naturally programmed to believe fruitful living is only by way of strangers, outside entities, and disenfranchised businesses.


  1. You lack that much discipline that you need someone to pretax your check and save your funds for you?
  2. You invest in life insurance because you care about your family huh? Could your family not benefit more from a direct investment into them and receive immediate results, versus a check when you die 30 or 3 years from now?
  3. Who's family benefits more from your monthly payment? You struggle to eat lunch and keep your insurance payment current, while their family vacations now and has 10 years to pay you back the $100k you invested over time.
  4. If you believe your money is safe in banks and sitting cozy piled up in a back room during week nights and weekends, you are not paying enough attention. You might a well take this into your own hands. Your false sense of security is waiting to be rocked by the ills of this world any day now.

This project and body of work will serve as an hands on guide to logic regarding self investing, removing the false sense of trust we have in everyone else but ourselves regarding our future, and step by step guide as to how you can turn everyone into a star player, just as I have attempted to do with my family.