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FREE Family Bible & Course Of Revelations - Only 350 Available

  WHAT'S INCLUDED:  A free physical copy of the Family Bible. A free "IHB" board game. A free ...



  • A free physical copy of the Family Bible.
  • A free "IHB" board game.
  • A free Gracebotics Robot. 
  • Complimentary access to The Course Of Revelations. 


  • You only pay for shipping and access. All items included are 100% FREE!
  • This Birthday Sale is first come, first serve. As supplies run out, packages will have less in them. We will not be holding any orders for late comers or extending the sale beyond the 350 available. Feel free to sleep at your own risk. 



The Bible has long been one of the most revered and sought-after pieces of literature worldwide. While we respect those who hold it in high regard, it's important to acknowledge that many of its tangible and actionable steps are not applicable to our current times. Continuing to follow its narrative without adaptation may lead to repeating the same struggles faced by previous generations. The repetitive hardships your family endures are not by chance or coincidence. Intentional efforts are needed to break this cycle, or the struggle will persist.

Consider this: How many of you have a child aged three years or younger and can honestly admit that your oldest living elder and that child have the same “buying power”? That’s four generations of struggle! How many of you feel comfortable enough to die, knowing the people you claim to love will be just fine? How many of you can look at your children right now and see them battling the same challenges you did at their age? These are walking generational curses!

We created the Course of Revelations and Grace Bible to provide mentorship and weekly teachings on how to create your own Bible. Through this course, Lord Grace will guide you step by step on how he crafted and molded one of the most formidable families of our time.

Our goals are to assist your family with hands-on and course teachings necessary to complete your own Bible. This Bible will be a custom-made, time-relevant book of commands, family knowledge, and implementation for your family to pass down through generations. We will show and teach you how to develop a custom guide that our families can live by, prosper with, and take pride in. Imagine being a die-hard believer in your own legacy and having a rule book tailored to your family's actual needs, wants, goals, and personal beliefs.

Derrick Grace II and his family have personified everything he has attempted to teach the masses since day one! Whether it was breaking barriers in financial literacy, emphasizing the importance of families and children arming themselves, studying the wolves, or highlighting the significance of land, guns, gold, and self-love, this family has always been ahead of the curve. There is no other family as polished, as young, and as necessary, with 13 years of visible receipts, to ensure your family becomes more dangerous and prepared than ever after creating their family Bible.



  1. How does the Family Bible work in terms of application? Your families Bible will be physically delivered with strict step by step instructions, course, as well as a direct guide as to how DG has got his family to the point that they're currently at. It will be you and your families job to employ the information and use the Grace blueprint as a guide to scripting your version of Laws, standards, and guidelines. 
  2. Is this Family Bible a replacement, for the original Bible? Absolutely not! We're not interesting in changing anyones religious beliefs. The Family Bible will serve as custom made tool that directly prioritizes your families needs, wants, and unique identity. 
  3. What will I receive upon ordering? A physical Family Bible will be shipped to you, as well as direct access to DG and family to begin customizing your Bible to your families likening. You will also receive digital access to the Course Of Revelations, to begin learning from and building with DG right away. 

The Family Bible consist of a multitude of sections and benchmarks to ensure your family has a tailored blueprint ensuring you all are moving and utilizing practical steps for generations to come. 


  1. Family origin story.
  2. Family top commandments.
  3. Family mantra.
  4. Who, what, when, where, and how of your family.
  5. Where is all started.
  6. Establishing a family identity.
  7. Much more.



  1. Staying dangerous, at all times and all ages. 
  2. Basic self defense do's and dont's.
  3. How to make your family unkillable.
  4. Living off the land. 
  5. Outdoor survival skills.
  6. How to disappear.
  7. Guns and butter baby.
  8. Much more.



  1. How to raise bad ass kids.
  2. Female and male handbook for your sons and daughters.
  3. Non negotiables for our daughters.
  4. Non negotiables for our sons.
  5. Much more. 



  1. Intentional and mandatory studying/planning.
  2. Preach, provide, and protect. 
  3. Creating a death list. 
  4. Purpose meetings between adults and children. 
  5. The graduation process. 
  6. Contractual obligations. 
  7. Family SWOT analysis. 
  8. Much more.



  1. American loopholes. 
  2. Infiltrate, educate, and vacate. 
  3. Mandatory knowledge on laws and amendments. 
  4. Being intentional about allies. Keys open doors. 
  5. Having a lethal chain of command. 
  6. Licensing, shortcuts, and creating a militia. 
  7. Much more. 



  1. Marketing, branding, and advertising. 
  2. Identifying family gifts, talents, and purpose. 
  3. Asset, debt, and flipping. 
  4. One good year can change your entire life.
  5. Triangle offense. 
  6. Budgeting/finances
  7. Million dollar reverse engineering.
  8. Much more. 



  1. Artificial intelligence.
  2. 25 ways to make 6 figures on your cell phone. 
  3. Booming industries and where the money goes. 
  4. 911, college, and the Lord are not coming to save you. 
  5. Pushing your children to eclipse you by 13 years of age.
  6. Sex, guns, and mayhem. 
  7. Much more.



  • Family non negotiables.
  • Family Mantra.
  • Family and friends audit.
  • How to not GAF.
  • Family mental health.
  • Mindset consulting.
  • Time management, discipline, and fasting.
  • Much more. 



  1. Health and wealth. 
  2. The 5 R's
  3. Life charts.
  4. Succession plans.
  5. Estate planning.
  6. Passwords and keys.
  7. Much more. 

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