Thank God We Don't Look Like What We Been Through


Visionary: (especially of a person) thinking about or planning the future with imagination or wisdom. Bearing the heart, rebelliousness, and wisdom of an true leader at the tender age of 6, would be extremely overwhelming, for the average child. Derrick D. Grace II is the individual that possessed, those very traits. Get a vivid look into his travels of courage, adversity, faith, and the many occurring ills of this jungle we call, life. From his triumphs of the concrete jungle, corporate America, and fatherhood, Derrick Grace II has consistently defied the odds from his introduction to the world. After solely fathering and raising multiple offspring, escaping the death that haunts urban America, and finding corporate opportunity, Grace would face adversity yet again. 2011 would mark another catastrophe in his will to succeed. His means of living would be eradicated indefinitely, bearing too much pride to seek refuge and a family to brace, Grace would channel his past aggression, street ethics, and a $1500 loan to seek progressive revenge. Watch on as Grace executes his goals, with the same accuracy he once wielded his AK-47 with, creates a half million dollar entity, publishes a history making application, and reaches back to inspire the masses. Take your goals serious, not life...
  • ISBN: 978-1507626542