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"Parent/Child" Unlearn and Relearn Curriculum Vol 1




Curriculum Are Not Books, they're informational booklets.




 I've said it a million times and I will say it again, the remedies of yesterday are not apparent today. The blueprint, traditions, and conditions we've fallen so in love with generation after generation has got us how far? There comes a time where we have drop the fear of not being accepted and love for normalcy, to seek better. To seek great, rather than good. To seek perfection, rather than okay. To simply PUSH ourselves and our children. We've become too comfortable with outside perspective to assist in gauging and directing our lives. You're an individual for a reason, you have brainpower for a reason, you're the parent for a reason. Stop asking for the way to lead yourself and child and begin creating it. We have enough confined, smart children. It's time to start breeding leadership, individuality, and critical thinking. 


This item is a curriculum, not a book.