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In-Home Banking Board Game

  The "IHB" board game serves as the largest piece of edutainment we have ever seen. The "IHB" bo...


The "IHB" board game serves as the largest piece of edutainment we have ever seen. The "IHB" board game brings a genuine correlation between real life issues such as ownership, judicial system issues, financial literacy, and much more. Things like land patents, diet choices, family court, are just a few of the things families will learn with the "IHB" board game. This board game was not created by coincidence and absolutely everything in it, from instructions to rolling the dice when the game begins are all put their by genuine purpose. 


The Deluxe Edition includes the "IHB" board game, mobile app, flashcards, and a unreleased Vol 4 of the "IHB" curriculum. 


The "IHB" Board Game:

  1. 15 System Issues.
  2. 18 Possibility Cards.
  3. 18 Outcome Cards.
  4. Instructions.
  5. Small Real Life Businesses On The Board.
  6. Cheat Sheet For Personal Real Life Use.
  7. 2 Rolling Dice.
  8. 22 Intellectual Property Cards.
  9. A Blueprint that requires research and comprehension, this game is not for the lazy or excuse makers.


The "IHB" Board Game App:

  1. Email confirmation and login within a hour following purchase.
  2. Account login to interact with other and specific players.
  3. Cheat sheet and instructions.
  4. Login identifier. If multiple devices use the same login simultaneously, account will be canceled in it's entirety.
  5. The "IHB" is 100% non refundable.
  6. All intellectual property, likeness, and images are fully owned by Unlearn and Relearn LLC.
  7. The App was exclusively produced by David Banner.

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