"In Home Banking" Board Game - Limited Holiday Release

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"In Home Banking" Limited Holiday Release


  • Single Option - This option includes 1 individual "In Home Banking" Board Game.
  • 2 for 1 Option - This option includes 3 total "In Home Banking" Board Games.
  • "IHB" Board Game Holiday Pack - This option includes 3 "In Home Banking" Board Games, "Family Business" T-shirt, along with a "Child Entrepreneurship" Unlearn and Relearn curriculum.



The concept, revolutionary way of thinking, and cheat codes we have grown to love through the "In Home Banking" courses and curriculum is officially here! The "In Home Banking" board game takes the player on an educational and economic filled adventure. From the importance of credit, the cheat codes we are intentionally not given, and the necessity for ownership. To the solutions like unification, understanding economics is all one game, and the need to devise a plan should we want to win at this big game of the rich stay rich and the poor get poorer.


Gameboard, Instructions, Money Packs, Credit Cards, Intellectual Property Cards, Nepotism Cards, 2 Dice, Entrepreneur Cards, Employee Cards, 20 Possibility Cards, 20 Outcome Cards and More.


  • Change your economic outcome through Possibility and Outcome cards.
  • Intellectual Property trading, selling, flipping, and inheriting.
  • Group Economics and Generational Wealth Acquisition.
  • Players run the risk of financial failure, dying on the job, failing at entrepreneurship, incarceration, and more.
  • Beat the game (society) at it's own game to win it all.


All ages, there is no age on independence and we should be striving to educate ourselves and especially teaching the youth what we weren't taught growing up. For 2-8 players. This release is a pre-order and will begin shipping December 2018.