Gods Amongst Men Vol. 3




This current offering and theology based guide by Derrick Grace II, will serve as the final and most vital piece to the Gods Amongst Men trilogy. Gods Amongst Men Vol 1 went on to earn the #1 selling title on Amazon in 2016, while Vol 2 served as another journey proof writing to Self Love, Self Knowledge, Self Education, and Self Sufficiency. We can assure you, Vol 3 will easily trump that in it's effort to assist you in tapping into your higher self. 


Gods Amongst Men Vol 3 will be the first product released under the "What Means The World To You" Campaign. Get the details below and choose which edition will add the most Value to your life. 


Deposit Option: If interested in this option, please follow through with the "Deposit Option". Window for remaining payment may not exceed 120 days. Please have a soft date or time range. We will email you immediate following purchase for your preferred visit. 


Rawness Edition: 1lb 6x9 in


  1. 1000 Copies Only
  2. Includes Gods Amongst Men Vol 1 and 2 Complimentary in both digital format.


Experience Edition: 8 lb 12x18 in

There is no limit on the number of attendees at your location, if your purchase the "Experience" edition. That is your choice. We do encourage practicing group economics if you plan on having multiple people at the location.

  1. 7 Copies Remaining. 
  2. Includes personal home delivery by Derrick Grace II and family.
  3. 2 day in person visit, teaching, and walkthrough of Derrick Grace material, literature, curriculum, and plans. 
  4. Free lemonade stand in regards to Child Investment. 
  5. Includes practice and hands on training regarding subjects taught in both Derrick Grace II books and curriculum. In person Parenting Exercises, Firearm Education, and much more. 
  6. Includes Gods Amongst Men Vol 1 and 2 Complimentary in both physical, digital, and audio format. 
  7. Book customization and special message to buyer. 
  8. Insert Case and Golden Protective Sleeve.