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12 Step Procrastination Plan



There's this uncooperative and unapologetic thing called procrastination, it's responsible for a current graveyard containing millions of skeletal remains of potential, goals, and ambition. It's been present since the beginning of time and has an affect so strong, that it will lay on your conscious until the very end of your time. Just like you, I had my dealings with procrastination. Procrastination caused me to work dead end jobs for years, miss out on countless opportunities, lose sleep regretting the lack of effort I was putting forth, and watch many of my peers pass me by on the train of growth and progression. Im a firm believer we all possess gifts, talent, super powers, and purpose. Should we not exercise them, I can assure you someone will for you. I speak from pure experience and this “Procrastination” Plan will be just that. A step by step guide as to how I assessed, created a plan to defeat it, then overcame it. We will not allow another day, dream, or deadline to go to waste tending to everything else except what we know we should be doing. Self help steps such as these played a vital role in becoming a number 1 selling author, speaker, and homeschool instructor to my children. Don't be the “I should've been doing this years ago” guy, I once was.