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The "Post-Recession" Pack

The only guide you all need to weather this current storm, is officially here! Solutions and acti...

The only guide you all need to weather this current storm, is officially here! Solutions and action steps are our only focus at this juncture. This pack can be applied no matter what age, demographic, or level in life that you identify with. 


Both Derrick III and Derrica serve as authors in this body of work, aside from Derrick Grace II and Tanesha Harris. This necessary guide will provide intentional steps and information for the entire family to digest and act upon immediately. Whether it be being knowing your rights, defending your home, attempting to make millions on your IPhone, leveraging your assets, emotional regulation, restoring your rights, and creating your very own mini militia... We have you covered. Be sure to check the description below and we assure you, this is the only guide you need to not only survive, but win in this current season that most are currently dying in. This body of work is available in both Digital and Physical format. Be sure to use the payment plan as well, to walk away only paying a 4th of the total price. 


1. Unlearn and Relearn: Protect The Castle Vol 1 - This curriculum will touch on things such as staying alive in this wild ass country, protecting your family, protecting your rights, room clearing, and much more. This type of information is mandatory in this country. 

2. Unlearn and Relearn: Strap Or Die Vol 1 - A instructive guide for gun ownership, gun rights, storage, cleaning, maintenance, and much more. 

3. Unlearn and Relearn: Smart Shit On My Smart Phone Vol 1 - This curriculum is full of cost efficient side hustles, ways to make money on your cellular device, and much more. 

4. Unlearn and Relearn: Self Mastery, Self Love, and Self Worth Vol 1 - Self love is the roof of everything, this curriculum will assist in not only that, but understanding yourself on a level, most can not fathom. Try loving yourself, before chasing and falling in love with all this other pointless shit. 

5. Unlearn and Relearn: Wealth Through Land Vol 1 - The A to Z guide on real estate, whether you have the budget for it or not. Real estate, digital real estate, ways to make money whether you have the resources or not. 

6. Unlearn and Relearn: Making Yourself Prison Proof Vol 1 - We ALL live in a police state, you'd be a damn fool not to educate yourself on law enforcement. From amendments, to police interaction, and how to literally represent yourself with dealing with the law. Every man, woman, and child should be hip to this information. 

7. Unlearn and Relearn: Brick By Brick Vol 1

8. Unlearn and Relearn: Minimalism, Budgeting, and Fasting Vol 1 - This curriculum will give a deep dive into our psychology, shadow work, being content with nothing knowing deep down we have it all within us. This body of work will also serve as a tool for saving, budgeting, and allocating your funds for the things that actually matter. 

9. Unlearn and Relearn: Gracebotics Guide 101 Vol 1 - We've been attempting to educate the masses for years when it comes to Artificial Intelligence... From ways to invest, ways to learn, ways to compete. We seriously urge every family to read this curriculum as a team. 

10. Unlearn and Relearn: I'm Sensitive About My Shit (Art Equity) Vol 1 - From tax write offs, auctions, selling, pricing, and acquisitions... We cover art buying to the tee and how art can be written off and leveraged to take care of your family for ages. 

11. Unlearn and Relearn: Are You Prepared To Die Vol 1 - This curriculum will be provide much needed insight on life insurance, health insurance, trust, wills, succession planning, funeral planning, retirement planning, and much more. We all have to leave here at some point, make sure your affairs are in order. 

12. Unlearn and Relearn: Them Kids Gotta Eat Vol 1 - This curriculum is designated for the little ones. This body of work will teach them self mastery, hustling as a kid, homeschool alternatives and activities, as well as ways to for the younger generation to begin generating income right away. 



     The "Post-Recession" Course has officially kicked off! If you're interested in not only getting your pack, but meeting with Derrick Grace II and family live twice a week?

    Be sure to choose the 2 for 1 option and take full advantage. You can get private coaching access, meetings twice a week, and a full blown detailed look to the "Post-Recession" pack for the next 6 months. 


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