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Unlearn and Relearn Equity Deal & Joint Venture

My Grace Tribe LLC

My Grace Tribe LLC is a family-owned, independent business empire with a 13-year legacy, led by 34-year-old father and serial entrepreneur, Derrick Grace II. Known for coining the term "Unlearn and Relearn," Mr. Grace has dedicated over a decade to educating and empowering individuals. Since its inception, the mission has been to provide tools for developing a unique perspective on the world, life, and oneself, fostering self-reliance and trust.

Derrick Grace II has established a legendary reputation by achieving independence from the controlling systems that affect many. He has attained financial and educational freedom while ensuring the protection of his family. After a rewarding 13-year journey, Mr. Grace is ready to transition from his leadership role, presenting a lucrative opportunity for new partners to join.

Partnership Opportunity

We are currently seeking 3-5 equity partners to engage in the business operations and net profits associated with the Unlearn and Relearn movement. This 36-month partnership offers 5% of all net profits annually and includes a joint venture partnership, ensuring Mr. Grace's active involvement in your personal business endeavors. Partners will not only receive a 5% ROI on Mr. Grace's business structure but also the potential to build a thriving personal business yielding a monthly income of $5,000, supported by Mr. Grace's guidance.



  1. A minimum credit score of 630 or $60k investment.
  2. If you choose the credit option, no current late balances on your credit report.
  3. If you choose the credit option, credit utilization of 30% or less.
  4. Business ownership is not mandatory but is an additional incentive, offering partners two streams of income throughout the partnership.

Benefits for Partners:

  • A guaranteed 5% ROI payment, twice a year, from all net profits associated with derrickgracetwo.com over the course of three years.
  • A joint venture offering hands-on marketing, advertising, and training support until your personal business achieves a monthly $5,000 margin.

Below, you will find detailed financial figures and projections illustrating the potential benefits of this unique opportunity. Please feel free to contact us directly at 813-330-8815 for those who are serious about the opportunity. Only 5 Partnerships will be available. 


1. Below are our total sales specifically through derrickgracetwo.com only. On average, a million dollars plus, passes through just this website annually. 

2. Below are our conversion rates, feel free to Google or research the average for any business in America period. Our numbers are second to none when it's time to convert. 

3. The figure below shows our sessions over the last 36 months and a consistent flow of traffic to the website. 

4. We don't utilize ads whatsoever, all traffic, money made, etc is from pure Gorilla Marketing. These will be the identical tools and information, members will receive as apart of our Partnership. 


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