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Unlearn and Relearn Festival Details

The long awaited, highly discussed, and much needed Unlearn and Relearn Academy is officially on the way! This August we celebrate Derrick Grace's 30th birthday, the opening of the Academy, along with a slew of soulful and culture driven guest. From educational panels, lectures, tactical training, economic tangible solutions, to the one of the greatest comedians of our era, to the cutting of Derrick Grace's birthday cake, this August is set to be a month to remember. The teachings from Derrick Grace II, to those who taught and mentored him along his journey, will be present and more than ready to enjoy and educate during this festival. Below is a complete list of the days festivities and just how much power we're going to pack into one day.
Festival Activities & Performances
  • Celebration of Derrick Grace’s 30th birthday. 
  • Celebration of U&R Mobile Academy Launch - Many of you had concerns regarding relocating to attend the Academy, no worries! The Academy will be mobile.
  • Weapons Education, Combat Instructions, Law Enforcement Interacation By GPS @graceprivatesecurity. 
  • David Banner #Godbox Lecture. 
  • Panel discussion by Suprise Guest. Discussion will be in terms of tangible solutions our culture can activate now rewrite our constant story of lacking ownership, buying power, and mental preparation.
  • Self Love & Self Awareness Interactive Class by Patrick Walker Reese & Life. 
  • Women’s spiritual, energy, and parenting conference.
  • Dinner Party & Cake Cutting. 
  • Nipsey Hussle Tribute - As some may know, Nipsey Hussle was scheduled to headline the festival and assist in the ribbon cutting process. Although he will no longer be physically there, he's energy will be felt nonetheless.
  • Derrick Grace Award Ceremony. 
  • Child Entrepreneurship Scholarship Reward - Derrick Grace and company will be surprising multiple youth with Entrepreneurship advances to assist with their journeys. 
  • Health & Wellness Lecture.



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