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Have You Supported Us? Let Us Reciprocate It

Outsourcing has played a major role in many of our artist, businesses, and movements, not reaching their full potential. More times than not we're almost forced to, because those who may have the influence or relationships to assist us in our journey refuse to do so. I identify with this obstacle very much so and promised myself when I got in a better position, I'd do the total opposite for those looking for a simple hand up. I wish to this day the many people who claim to support or believe in me and even utilize my intellectual property behind closed doors, would slightly bring awareness my way. More times than not they seek the service, wanting it for free, and disappear just as quick as their moment of adversity goes away. With the "No Outsourcing" movement, I wish to be a light and platform for us to reciprocate the support. Beginning today, November 1st we will be launching Part 1 of the "No Outsourcing" agenda. 


We want to assist in any way possible to those who have supported us. Things like social media presence, site placement, and word of mouth, can assist a small business or artist in becoming a much larger one. This is a first come first serve incentive. We look forward to hearing from and reciprocating the support you have shown us. 

If you have supported us, let us reciprocate it by doing the following: 


  1. Email your order number and name to admin@derrickgracetwo.com
  2. Following your submission of Step #1, we will follow up with a brief questionnaire as well as collecting your business or artist information. 



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