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The "Co Parent" Unlearn and Relearn Curriculum Is Up For Grabs!

I'd like to personally thank everyone who provided their perspective regarding this specific curriculum. This subject is easily one of the hardest ones most of us will encounter in this thing called life. 

As I've stated in each body of work, I speak from a place of pure experience. I was raised to not speak on things I hadn't lived. This one I lived, live it currently, and seek to better it daily. I have absolutely no complaints and can't thank the 3 Mothers of my children enough for assuring I live and die a full time Father. 
This body of work will provide how my journey of 4 children and 3 Mothers came about and how we bonded beyond our differences to ensure these children wake up together, travel the world together, and live that word together period. This curriculum will serve as a guide bonding, restoring, and preserving our families. 
    • 2014 I shot the Mother and Brother of Mom #3.
    • 2014 Mom #2 forced me to be Full Time Father.
    • Mom #1 has been a loving headache my entire life.

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    The "Co Parent" Unlearn and Relearn Curriculum Releases July 1st

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