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The “Foundation” is a tangible curriculum, workshop, and book infused tour seeking sponsorship from artist,
entertainers, companies, and individuals period, sharing a common interest of providing physical and mental
stimulant boost to the working class, collegiate lane, as well as those confined to the corner.

Far too often the forgotten, the condemned, the less fortunate, and plight of the struggling worker
is exploited for false notoriety. We love to claim the name to add the bread and butter to our
backstories, but rarely double back to invest firsthand into the stories of those still confined there. The
charitable events never go unnoticed, nor does the motivation of bringing a million dollar car to the
same streets we struggled in, but what happens following that? The follow your dreams and stay out of
trouble speech seems just as compelling, but again what happens after? On most occasions, after you
pull away and return to the life you have now acquired, they do the same. The high of your presence
and words of encouragement fades and those we once shared a common plight with are now faced with
that reality they had before you showed up. I'm confined to a trap within a trap, that's the second level
of another trap. We are dead set in the era of visual and physical learning, words just don't translate as
they once did. This era needs something it can feel, something it can walk away with in hand, and
something that it can physically pass down to those coming behind it. Most in this era and the one
before it overlook the fact that Corporate America, College and the Corner is parallel in all aspects, from chain of command, to vying for the number one spot to be the man in charge. I'm a firm believer that once
that ideology is properly acknowledged and exploited, this era will realize they have all the intangible
tools to create, control, and empower their very own lives rather than awaiting a stranger to do it for
them. How can one truly be inspired to reach the stars, when another stranger owns the ladder, wall,
floor plan, and ceiling they intend on crawling out on? We partake in temporary internet challenges, present
our accolades in hopes of motivating others, and spend our disposable dollars on situation and people with
little to no return. The Grace family has been clawing at the gates of self knowledge, self sufficiency, and
empowerment for years at this point, but the necessity of a concerned, concrete, and solution filled collective
is more necessary than ever.


Each and every sponsored destination will be comprised of both Mr.Grace's “Corner To Corporate” Curriculum and “With Yo Hustlin' A$$, 101 Secret Side Hustles You Can Do Without Quitting Your Day Job”.


Each sponsored destination will consist of the following, depending on package purchased by sponsor:
1. $300 Stipend towards credit repair.
2. $300 Payment towards reared child support.
3. $90 Child lemonade Stand.
4. $175 Child candy vending machine.
5. $250 Stipend for single Mothers.
6. Giveaway of both Mr.Grace “Parent/Child” & "Co Parent" Curriculum.


– Unlearning and Relearning
– Excessive Parenting
– Self knowledge, self love, self education, and self reliance
– Generational wealth & Group Economics
– Child Investment
– Identifying & Adjusting To Adversity, Plagues, and
– The Importance Of Ownership, Equity, & Leverage
– Maximizing Our Potential, Gifts, Purpose, Talent, & Super Powers
– Acknowledging That Whether You're Hustling, Working, Or Studying, Our Plights and preferred end result is parallel.
– Critical Thinking & Problem Resolution


– Derrick D. Grace II and family will provide both an informative and example filled background regarding the birth and maturation of the Unlearn and Relearn mantra and how it's appliance is a necessity in today's

– Derrick D. Grace II will provide both a visual and verbal walkthrough, introduction, and workshop of the
“Corner To Corporate” Unlearn and Relearn curriculum.

– Derrick D. Grace II will bring the interaction full circle with grouped “Solution Sessions” and in depth Q&A
for anyone interested in answers pertaining directly to their personal situation and plight.

– Derrick D. Grace II and family will also provide a detailed look into his current “Parent/Child” Unlearn and Relearn curriculum. Mr.Grace will touch heavily on child interaction, investment, and emancipation during this time period. This tour is family infused and will focus heavily on rewriting and reprogramming the way in
which we love, educate, and empower our children.



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Shauna Naylor

You are an Amazing Mind and Spirit. I love what you teach and how you’re children learned. I have a 3 year old Daughter and I want her to be taught by your Daughter. I heard of a school you may have already built. If so I want both Aleena and I to join. I also really want to invest as well.


What’s up bruh bruh, seen your Chanel on YouTube, just tired of my 9 to 5, just trying to find a better way to make income instead of leaving my family to work for someone else. Just need guidance, or just to invest.


What’s up bruh bruh, seen your Chanel on YouTube, just tired of my 9 to 5, just trying to find a better way to make income instead of leaving my family to work for someone else. Just need guidance, or just to invest.

deaze gibson

I’m looking to invest shoot me a email..

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