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Join The First Ever Grace Family Webinar Now!

This Fall the family and I are set to take an all new approach at pushing the Unlearn and Relearn narrative. This upcoming month, we will be holding our first ever Family Webinar. Unlike most webinars, this platform is open and welcoming for the entire family. The youth has been my top priority and definitely will remain that way. 

Myself and the family will be holding a 2 hour webinar series spotlighting and breaking down both the "Parent/Child" Curriculum and Unlearn and Relearn Family Journal. Aside of the Curriculum and Journal, we will also be holding a Q&A for those who are seeking even more. This will be our first interactive internet event and we're looking very much forward to building with the many supporters of the Unlearn and Relearn narrative. 


The first 100 purchasers will receive their admission for only $9. Only 1 ticket is needed per entire family. GET YOURS HERE!

 Subject Matter Includes: 

Unlearn and Relearn Curriculum

Unlearn and Relearn Journal

Child Investment

Excessive Parenting

Much More


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