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A Message To The Mothers



Dear Mothers, Caretakers, Step Mothers, Aunts, Grannies, and everything in between I'd like to personally thank you and remind you of your necessity to this thing called life. Let me be the one to remind you, absolutely everyone you have come in contact with since birth and forever moving forward derives from that womb many just label as a belly. You all are the transportation, first responder, and nurturer of life. Not only is life unable to be formed without your input, but more than likely it will not sustain without you as well. You are the backbone of the home, the connecter of the dots, the finder of the lost keys, the silencer of the crying child, the rational thought during the war, and priceless calm when chaos seems to be consuming everything. I ask that you not allow societies tendency to dilute your existence, ever infiltrate your mental or objectify your mission. The fact that war has been started behind you and ended in the same motion. The fact that your male counterparts will change his walk, talk, and attire just to momentarily appease you for a CHANCE, is a prime example of the power you hold. Think about many of the things the world has quietly placed you in charge of! Food is vital to nutrition and living, peace is vital to our mental health, as is teaching. The world predominantly waits for you all regarding all those categories. Life is literally revolved around your willingness to carry it, nurture it, and even be the brains and clam when it is upside down. I want to personally thank you! My favorite and closest people in the world ( my children) would not be here, unless you all and those like you made a sole a decision to assist me in bringing them into this place. I am forever grateful for you all and will see to it your worth, purpose, and job never goes un-noted and disrespected. From the frame, to the name, and brains, you all are priceless. May this note reach you all and remind you that this world and it's occupants are indeed yours. Love!




Derrick D. Grace II

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