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2 Courses For 1 ("In Home Banking) & (Law Enforcement/Firearm Education)


Purchasing Options: Price is already reduced, no discount needed. 
  1. Course Entry Only - Access to both courses and their entirety. 
  2. Course Entry & Digital Curriculum - This option is for those who would like to purchase both courses and both the Unlearn and Relearn Firearm Curriculum and "In Home Banking" Curriculums Vol 1-3. 
  3. The next 1k attendees, will receive this 75% off discount price below. The remainder will pay full price.
  4. Admission will be granted within 24 hours of purchase.  


Both courses will be comprised of multiple instructors, ranging from retired Secret Service Derrick Grace SR, Gun Educators from all over the nation, down to bankers, and Derrica Grace. 

We promised that we would deliver something ground breaking for the Fathers this June and yes, the Mothers can join in as well. Beginning today, we are bundling a scarily necessary 2 for 1 course for the month of June. If you don't believe in protecting your physical being through self defense and protecting your freedom through knowing how to navigate this jungle is more than needed? You can't be paying attention! We are lacking in terms of even knowing how to articulate, to our amendments, to picking up a gun. Both weapons training and interaction must be made a priority at this point. That reactive approach isn't working, we're currently dropping like flies. 


Both the "In Home Banking" Course and Firearm Education/Law Enforcement will be accessible beginning Father's Day and will last the duration of 6 weeks. If your order is not made within the first 5000 attendees, you will have to full price for both courses. They will no longer be 75% off.This course will be comprised of online live classes, homework assignments, Q&A's, along with several other interactive channels to build and progress through these trying times. Only one admission is required per household and we strongly recommend having your children attend as well.


Once entry into the course has been purchased, attendee will receive a welcome email, beginning homework assignments, along with a schedule for upcoming classes. We look forward to building with you and the entire family in both courses.