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Set in the 1990s, three young teens will discover their family secrets are connected in a sick a...

Set in the 1990s, three young teens will discover their family secrets are connected in a sick and twisted way. Desperate to search for a way out, they each will find unlikely influences: David finds a street smart hustler, Sam a college counselor, and Daniel a grandfather who hates "colored folk."

In this realistic fiction book and captivating drama of teen friends trying to find their way through adolescents, experience the impact just one person can have on a child’s life. It’s a thought-provoking story of love, tragedy and triumph, and good read you will never forget.

What are young adults saying?

Thank you for such an Amazing book that you wrote ........I am truly very touched by it .......... please keep up the good work ........N thank you again for the book ....... it was one of the most emotional reads of my life ........... -Ali Mohamed

This book is incredible and truly inspiring. It gave me hope and it made a huge impact in my life. It taught me to chase my dreams no matter the circumstances and that anything is possible. I loved reading about everyone especially David. He came a long way. This book is so empowering and real. You're an amazing author and I can't wait to read some of your other outstanding works of art. You are talented girl! -TrippyKit

Omgosh i absolutely loved it from the very begin i just couldnt stopped readin not even to take a restroom break lol. I was n tears when david was in the hospital i thought tht he was goin to die but i was in even more tears when i found out he was alive and he had a child of his own...words cannot explain how much i loved this book THANK YOU!!!! -Miyam23

I love this book world without end!!! ���� ur such a great writer keep up the good work!! This is one of the best book i have read on wattpad thus far!! ������������ you're going to make it u are going to be a popular writer some day dont give up bbyg.... More books like these should be recognized on wattpad!! A mean this book actually made me cry and am so happy ....girl u are the best!! I am now your number one fan!! ������������ #oneof thebestbookonwattpad-Kadie

Note from author

As parent of teen girls, I wanted my teenagers to experience urban books like Carl Weber, JaQuavis Coleman and other black authors who write realistic fiction. However, I didn't want them to be exposed to some of the gritty content. So, I sought out to write a fiction book for middle school kids that was inspirational, yet was so realistic, it made them fall in love with literature like I did reading urban fiction growing up. Buy the autographed copy on my website and be inspired!


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