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The Grace Stamp Mentorship Program

      DG is in need a replacement and a mass amount of would be entrepreneurs, creators, etc ...




DG is in need a replacement and a mass amount of would be entrepreneurs, creators, etc are in need of mentorship, guidance, and for sure route to eat. We’ve amassed roughly $15M in revenue in the last three years, as an independent juggernaut. No ads, no help, and very little coverage period. As we embark on the closure of 2023, our top priority is to remove DG as the MVP of the league and allow him to solely rest in only a coaching position. 

To complete the mission at hand, we’re hell bent on finding a multitude of replacements for DG, to cover the many industries he has taught in. This empire has been built over the course of 12 years, so finding a replacement has not been an easy task for DG and team. We’re seeking trusted and reliable replacements for each industry that he and the family has covered since 2012. The Grace Stamp will serve as the solution for not only this ongoing problem we sought to solve, but a kick start program and mentorship for those who fit the criteria and looking to grow literally under DG’s wing and teachings. This will not be a course, class, or set of pre-recorded modules. This will be a hands on, benchmark based, private training, that guarantees DG to discover trusted allies to keep his teachings afloat, but also a mentorship program that allows members to get guaranteed revenue share in this multi-million dollar empire. If you’re still not understanding, allow us to break it down further. 

DG has roughly 22 different niches, he has taught in since 2012 and that is where the mentees will play an extremely vital role. We’re currently seeking 4 mentees per niche. Upon your arrival and completion of the mentorship, you will be offered a guaranteed partnership position with DG to teach, lead, and be an expert in the niche that best suits you. This period of training and assessment will allow both the mentee to learn the ropes and necessary steps of manning an independent multi-million dollar empire. The other side of this coin, will allow DG and team to rest assured that his industry replacements can transition into his shoes smoothly being that they’re directly groomed and trained under him for this 8 week duration.





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