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The B.W.O: First World Access Ticket - We Accept Partial Payments (At Checkout)

The B.W.O: First World Access Ticket     GET EXCLUSIVE ACCESS TO THE BLACK WORLD ORDER A merge...

The B.W.O: First World Access Ticket 



A merger of five different entities coming together to monopolize the wealth industry creating conventions and a mastermind that gives you access and allows you to go into a 2021 mission with us.


Business mergers are a rare sighting for black businesses in America. The thought of more than one successful independent business coming together for a common goal is something that is usually on heard of, until BWO was established. Derrick Grace, Jake Tayler Jacobs, Brother Ben X, Chris Cole and 19 Keys have decided to merge their best intellectual property together to create a super company with one mission, to change the narrative of the black house hold. 

BWO (Black World Order) is a conglomerate in the making, with the merger of our companies this will be one of the biggest moments in black history when it is all said and done. 

The 7 point focus of BWO will be:

1. Teaching families how to build strong family foundations, and operate like business corporations, that will mobilize families to work together as a cohesive unit. 

2. Money Management like the Bank- Showing and offering products to families to help them structure their financial house like the bank. 

3. Teach and offer solutions helping our community grow more successful businesses online or offline, with services or with products. These men have sold and built million dollar companies and many different industries so their understanding for launching winning brands will help anyone truly looking to become successful will win. WE NEED MORE BLACK MILLION DOLLAR BUSINESSES. 

4. Teaching families how to grow their resources by becoming privatized banks, and learning the skill sets of trading in the market for consistent cash flow and capital appreciation.

5. Teaching families how to guarantee wealth and leverage their money like the banks, turning debt cash into asset cash making money no matter what happens to the market. 

6. Teaching families how to avoid paying the government too much in taxes. 

7. Learning how to scale our black businesses so we can see more million dollar companies, and soon more billion dollar entities. 


13 - Workshop Conferences 
01- Live conference in Puerto Rico May 21st - May 23
04 - Of all of our ALL TIME BEST COURSES - 
Access to 5 Self- Made Millionaires 

We are committed to investing 2 million dollars into the black businesses in the next 3 years. 

Partnership Opportunities 

BWO will be going public allowing for BWO Members to be the first to purchase stock and shares in the BWO STOCK

Business Accelerator Program
We will be creating a sponsored 18 month program for BWO applicants. Who want funding for their business, and need help scaling. 

There's more but we will just stop here... BWO IS MORE THAN JUST A PRODUCT, IT'S A MOVEMENT!!!


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