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New Year, New Me - Private Access (Atlanta)

    DGTV New Year, New Me Educational Retreat/Slumber Party   DGTV is officially taking the show...



DGTV New Year, New Me Educational Retreat/Slumber Party


DGTV is officially taking the show on the road… Lord Grace and the entire team are set to embark on Atlanta Georgia, this upcoming Fall for 3 days and 3 nights of learning, earning, and turning up like no other. We can damn near assure you, that no team has as much fun or foresight as us here at DGTV. Whether it be wealth building, wealthy relationships, wealthy living habits, or having the mindset to attract the wealth to begin with. 

This upcoming private and must-attend event, will be limited to only 30 guest total. The team at DGTV are looking forward to allowing participants the opportunity to build on an intimate level, while being able to show by literal example, in real time how we deliver time and time again. 

Where: Atlanta, GA

When: December 2nd-5th 3 days and 3 nights


No Virtual Experience Will Be Permitted At All


General Admission (20 Available) - December 3rd All Day Access

  • Guns and butter keynote speech with Lord Grace
  • Fit for billions with Spin City Performance
  • Mindset Consulting with AC Thee Artist
  • Poly Problems with The Mother Shifter
  • Intimate Q&A experience 

    VIP Experience (10 Available) - December 2nd-4th All Weekend Access

    • All of the above
    • Private Lingerie Day Party
    • Lord Grace Auction
    • The Rissy Blessed Experience
    • Slumber Party access with the DGTV Team
    • Bedroom Educational Mastermind with the DGTV Team
    • Business Pitch Opportunity With the DGTV Team
    • No Holds Barred Q&A with the DGTV Team
    • Extended Stay With the DGTV Team
    • Food, stay, and extra curricular activities compliments of the DGTV Team


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