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HOW TO: Raise Bad Ass Kids

  We as a people and society, have never seen darker times than the ones we’re currently dealin...


We as a people and society, have never seen darker times than the ones we’re currently dealing with. The rules, regulations, and by laws have changed tremendously. Kids are no longer off limits, they’re actually more fair game than ever! Whether it be gun violence, miseducation, incarceration, trafficking, sickness, or emotional disconnect, the young people of this era are being targeted and taken down at an all time high. We’re focused on empowering youth that don’t have to heal from societies or their parents' poor mistakes!

Our Coaching Program How To: Raise Bad Ass Kids is set to be an all inclusive fast track program that will ensure your child does not have a victim story 10 years from now. A victim of false education, a victim of violence, a victim of being silenced, and much more. Myself and my siblings will be providing the tools, action steps, and custom made teachings to guarantee every child and family walks away with a custom made business plan, deeper level of self love, the ability to defend themselves verbally and physically, as well as the self awareness needed to thrive and not just survive in this jungle. 

Our Father often ask parents… What would their children do tomorrow, if they died today and none rarely have an answer. Time is of the essence and the dangers of this society have no picks. They will capture and destroy anything they can get their hands on. You all have watched us grow up before your eyes, with our Fathers teachings and guidance. It’s now our turn, to extend the same knowledge and invitation to your family. 

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