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DGTV Music Submission

        Are you an artist who want exposure on one of the most anticipated networks? Here is you...





Are you an artist who want exposure on one of the most anticipated networks? Here is your chance! Purchase here and then we will email you the link to submit your music. 


Our independent network is set to officially launch this upcoming week, as well as our independent "In Home Banking" video game. Both projects will require commercials, scenic music, soundtracks, and much more. The opportunity to be the theme song for one of our many shows, to be aside many of our other established artist, as well as a free ride into the billion dollar video game industry. If you're interested in the opportunity, the instructions are extremely simple. Please Read Below...

  1. If you're interested in submitting your music for DGTV, please purchase here for $50.
  2. Also provide your email and phone number when purchasing so that we can contact you.
  3. You will receive an email within 24 hours with access to the application so you can submit your one and only song. (One Application Fee Per Song) 
  4. Please check your Spam folder and all available inboxs to make sure you get your application.
  5. Our DGTV Music Department will confirm if we are interested in your material within 3 - 5 business days. If your song was not selected, you will not be notified. Please do not contact us about your music sumbission. We will contact you! 
  6. Please be sure to follow the instructions that are emailed, following your application fee. DGTV is not obligated to listen to your entire album, multiple bodies of work, etc. This application fee is obligated to uphold, one song submission at a time. 
  7. If you would like to submit multiple songs, you must also fill out and submit and additional application fee. 
  8. This application absolutely does not guarantee you placement on DGTV or the "In Home Banking" video game. Our company has never been built off mediocrity, so please be sure to submit your best. We look forward to working with you. 


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