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"IHB" Video Game Placement - Deposit & Investment

     Are you an artist, creator, or entrepreneur who wants exposure on one of the most anti...



 Are you an artist, creator, or entrepreneur who wants exposure on one of the most anticipated video games in our culture? Here is your chance! Purchase your placement now, as space is extremely limited.  

We are currently accepting musical submissions, loading pages, etc for the "In Home Banking" video game. 

Our independent "In Home Banking" video game, is set to drop in the upcoming months of 2023. This independent project will require commercials, scenic music, soundtracks, and much more. The opportunity to be the theme song for one of our many scenes, to be aside many of our other established artist, as well as a free ride into the billion dollar video game industry. If you're interested in the opportunity, the instructions are extremely simple. Please Read Below...

  1. If you're interested in submitting your music for branding for the "IHB" video game, please choose your option below.
  2. Please provide your email and phone number when purchasing, so that we can contact you immediately, with your submission form and agreement. 
  3. All placements purchased will be followed up within 72 hours. 
  4. Please be mindful that credentials for your music or branding, will be needed also to validate your ownership of what you're submitting. 
  5. If you're here to invest, please simply and quickly contact the email listed here. Be sure to include the purpose of your email, phone number, and first/last name. The investment group will be closing soon. Be sure to contact us immediately at ihbvideogame@gmail.com. 



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