"Corner To Corporate" Unlearn and Relearn Curriculum Vol 1



Curriculum Are Not Books, they're informational booklets. 



The "CTC" Curriculum serves as a logical, plain, and step by step guide as to how we can and will assess our power, tap into our creativity, avoid the constant traps, self invest, self will, maximize our potential, and create our very own working systems. Somebody convinced us that the only route to a fruitful life was through them. I personally beg to differ and physically exemplify that statements such as those are more than false. Believe it or not, all lanes are parallel and your transition out is as simple as understanding you already possess the characteristics of an owner, leader, and independent thinker. It's time to channel that anger, over thinking, aggression, intellectual property, ambition, hidden talent, purpose, and all the internal gifts we have that society enjoys diluting within us.


I want to reassure you whether you're creating a start up, working 9-5, head over heels in love or knee deep in the streets, all situations are parallel.The duration of this curriculum will show the comparison through each route, how most of us are unconsciously more than ready to control our lives, and a tried and tested plan to self sufficiency. Whether Corner or Corporate, you have the same inner workings of those you believe you need to dodge or answer to. Let's tap into them...


This item is a curriculum, not a book.