"Parent/Child" Unlearn and Relearn Curriculum Vol 2

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Curriculum Are Not Books, they're informational booklets.




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 Times are quickly evolving and speeding up, if you aren't with them, your child may very be swallowed by this jungle. Time spent is still not priority, self education isn't either, and we're happily bringing in strangers to educate them more than ourselves. Somewhere along the way the leverage has to be found, otherwise you may end up nothing more than shelter, food, and clothing. Far too often we wonder why we've lost them mentally, overlooking the fact we never had them. Vol 2 will focus on us being strong enough to discuss sex and it's relevance at the tender age our child currently is. The power of words and how many us unknowingly destroy their confidence and trust with our close mindedness. Weapons education is a necessity in these times, as is ceasing proudly instilling fear into our children to enforce our will. 


This product officially releases February 1st.



This will be a limited release, the first 100 Copies will include the following:

  1. 60 Minute introductory webinar, with Derrick Grace II and family. 
  2. Introductory phone call from the Grace Family. 
  3. Complimentary Digital & Audio version.