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"Co Parent" Curriculum Vol 1


Curriculum Are Not Books, they're informational booklets.

  • 2014 I shot the Brother and Mother of Mom #3
  • 2014 Mom #2 forced me to be a Full Time Father
  • Mom #1 has been my headache since the early 90's

Regardless, we figured it out for the betterment and togetherness of our children... 

Through this guide I will not only share my journey with Co Parenting, but provide a step by step advisory as to how you can master and activate yours in a healthy manner.  


Are you aware of how many siblings are in the same city but hold excessive resentment, hatred, and disappointment for one another? Due to feeling like Dad chose that family or loved this sibling more. Simple adult things like break ups and relocations are responsible for countless broken homes haunting our culture and demographic. Which in turn play a large role in the disconnect many Mothers and Fathers are currently going through years after the fall of their structure. Be aware that the behavior we exhibit and don't will come back to visit us at a later date. Our children will not be oblivious and non inquisitive people forever, there shall come a time when you're held accountable and have to answer for what you've put out into the universe. We as parents must find common ground and remove adult agenda from kid business. The betterment, happiness, and positive maturation of our babies should be our biggest priority period. 

Lets take our families back now.