LAST DAY: 6 Week "In Home Banking" Project & Course

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Materials, links, and additional class information is always sent via email. "In Home Banking" Course has a strong emphasis on the following subjects. 


  • Assessing the machines that feed off of us and how we can replace them independently.
  • Stimulating our personal economies, rather than everyone else's through group economics, inclusion, and serving as the bank for ourselves.
  • Simple beating this intentional game by way of cheat codes and the same handbooks other demographics use to stay in power.





 From experience we have realized that the two courses we intended for the "In Home Banking" Project, were nowhere near enough to tackle this body of work. Not only do I want to spread and share the information, but I want to now implement the work. We addressed the cons, pros, and the routes, in which we can take. Let's take some real action at this point. Purchase of this class will include the "In Home Banking" Project Volume 1 & 2 and "Corner To Corporate" Curriculum.



This will be a 6 week course, the weeks will contain homework and subjects based on the following:


  1. Discipline, minimalism, self love.
  2. Insurance & Bankers Guest Debates. (See it from their perspective also)
  3. Getting Money vs Making Money.
  4. The "Fish Fry" Theory.
  5. Direct contact to Mr. Grace the entire duration for the 6 week course.
  6. Self Stimulating economy building.
  7. Elevator Pitch.
  8. All classes will be recorded for those who miss them or late.