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IOTCB "Life Charts"

All life charts will be delivered via email within 24 hours, with lifetime access.  1. The Alignm...

All life charts will be delivered via email within 24 hours, with lifetime access. 

1. The Alignment Chart is to improve your awareness on what are all the things in your life that are or are not in alignment with your personal/career goals, dreams, and desires.

2. The Decipher Chart is simply to improve your deciphering skills pertaining to your wants and needs and creating awareness to see if they align with your personal/career goals.

3. The Temptations Chart is for you to outline what are the bad/good temptations in your life and how you plan to either remove them for your life. Ultimately you will want to utilize this chart to figure out what you need to remove from your daily doings and also bring awareness on how these temptations impacts your personal/career goals.

4. The 6 wise chart model are 6 wise questions to ask yourself (broken down into 4 charts) when it comes to your wants and/or needs towards your dreams/desires and/or when it comes to your short/long term goals.

5. The TEC Chart is to examine and analyze how you can use time, energy, and creativity… over or more than using money. The goal is to use the process of having the “Guerilla” mindset approach towards your life and or career path.

6. The Trauma Advantage Chart is to examine and analyze your past traumas in life and turn them into a benefit or business for you and or to help out others who have acquired the same type of trauma.

7. The Deletion Advantage Chart is to delete toxic people and toxic things out of your life. Anything that is toxic and or is a heavily hinderance to your goals is something you will want to remove in order to reach your goals in a more swift and easier manner. 

8. The Family Meeting Chart will assist you in creating a check and balance for your surrounding cast, what roles best suit who, weaknesses, strengths, and who genuinely should play what roles based off identifying their power. 

9. "Purpose" Child & Adult Chart will assist you in identifying what route and journey best aligns with who you truly are. Most people are merely existing, this chart will not only assist you in actually living, but being sure to live in your purpose. 

10. Adversity Chart will play a major role in you properly dealing with adversity, finding the positing in it, harnessing the energy, and turning it into a win. We guarantee, a win can be found after accepting your reality and accountability. 

11. Full Of Shit Chart, this chart is self explanatory. This will be one of the most simplistic, but scary charts. It embodies accountability, which happens to be something most of us run from. 

12. Value Chart will definitely assist if you're tired of wasting irreplaceable time with the wrong things and people. 

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